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Dielli is our brand of fresh, handpicked organic teas from the Albanian mountains. Each of these products is treated with care and love by the local farmers, who still produce in the same way their ancestors did. 

Organic Mountain Tea

This smooth and refreshing mountain tea (also known as Shepherd’s tea) has been used by the locals for its strong soothing properties for generations. The tea is sometimes referred to as a “black tea” however the taste is surprisingly gentle and accessible. It will truly give you a relaxing and refreshing taste of the Mediterranean.

Tip: best accompanied with a slice of lemon and for the sweet tooth a dash of honey.

Organic Linden Tea

This smooth, soothing tea brings you the taste of the hills of Albania through a flowery explosion of flavors in each cup. Aside from this linden tea has been known to aid with among others anxiety. The tea is high in antioxidants and vitamins and is especially encouraged as a drink before bedtime, to ensure a good night’s rest!

Tip: Exquisite both warm and cold, perfect year round!

Organic Sage Tea

Sage tea has been known to help with fevers; aside from this, it is a wonderful tea full of scent and taste that is perfect both for those dark winter evenings and the middle of the summer. It contains a host of antioxidants that are linked to anti-aging effects. The richness and bitterness of this herb makes it one for the true tea aficionados. However, a bit of honey will let even those less accustomed to sage appreciate the wonderful taste and textures in this tea.

Tip: Exquisite with a slice of lemon and a big spoon of honey.

Organic Chamomile Tea

A classic for all the right reasons: it’s delicious, it helps with anxiety and you can practically taste the fresh air from the mountains it’s been picked from! Enjoy this sweet flowery taste year round, during times of stress and during times of pure relaxation.

Tip: best when enjoyed very warm with just a dash of honey for extra taste!

* All of our products have a Certificate of Origin and abide to all European Union Food and Health Regulations.