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LuKo International


About us

The story of our business is quite simple, and not unheard of before: a young couple deciding to bring their two countries together, via food and drinks. What better way to cherish our individual cultures but to introduce them to each other? 

It started as a spontaneous idea when travelling in the southern hills of Albania and discovering the amazing variety of products the local farmers produced 'old style' - in their little artisanal shops or their small farms. The technique, as simple as it is, preserves the product in its best natural state, with no additives. The local uses for the products to help with a simple cold (like the Mountain Tea) or a better night's rest (Chamomile Tea) make them all the more fascinating. 

When travelling up to the north of the country, we were shown amazing honey and jam that the local farmers (rightfully!) pride themselves on. Two or three simple ingredients are sufficient to create these mouthwattering fig or plum jams (often accompanied with fresh walnuts from the farmer's own garden). As for the honey this is gathered by the bees up in he hills of Albania where they have access to a broad variety of flowers leading to a wonderfully varied taste.

Through these products, we hope to bring the sun of the Mediterranean into the Dutch kitchen.